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Chakra Meditation Videos

The chakras are energy centers along the vertical body, and putting your attention on that location for a while activates the behaviors that that part of the body is known for. Usually there are seven chakras, from the tip of the tailbone to the top of the head, but including the ground (Zeroth Chakra), two above the head (Eighth and Ninth Chakras) and the whole body (Tenth Chakra) makes the set more complete.

Tenth Chakra Meditation

The Tenth Chakra is the whole body, activating everything at once.

Ninth Chakra Meditation

The Ninth Chakra takes you out of yourself, and pulls you up like a puppet to dance on the world stage.

Eigth Chakra Meditation

The Eighth Chakra makes your experience complete just as it is right now.

Seventh Chakra Meditation

The Seventh Chakra wants to understand everything, ultimately for the purposes of comfort and survival.

Sixth Chakra Meditation

The Sixth Chakra likes to see beauty and feel beautiful.

Fifth Chakra Meditation

The Fifth Chakra tries hard to explain everything clearly without stopping.

Fourth Chakra Meditation

The Fourth Chakra wants to feel deeply and search for its match, mate, or complement, but paradoxically, this is only itself!

Third Chakra Meditation

The Third Chakra makes the body powerful, strong, and have stamina.

Second Chakra Meditation

The Second Chakra feels sensual and makes everything flow.

First Chakra Meditation

The First Chakra makes your body survive.

Zeroth Chakra Meditation

The Zeroth Chakra is for grounding and transportation.

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