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"We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music." — Albert Einstein

Therefore, Vibration Awareness Makes You Feel Better!


Particle Schrodinger Vibration

Molecule Vibration

DNA is Always Wiggling

Plants Vibrate in the Wind

A Heartbeat is a Wiggle or Vibration

A Thought or Brainwave is a Wiggle or Vibration

A Clap is a Vibration

An Animal Walk is a Wiggle or Vibration

A Human Walk is a Wiggle

The Ground Vibrates, and the Wind Vibrates.

While Meditating, You Feel Everything Wiggle.

Our experience of the world is made up of "wiggles" (the simple word for "vibrations," a math word) — back and forth movements — and the practice of this awareness, Wiggle Awareness, can help us lead healthier, happier, richer, and more free lives.


Wiggle Awareness Theory

Examples of Wiggles (A Wiggle = A There and Back Movement)

Walking to the store and walking back. The vibration of a photon of light. A sound. Taking turns talking and listening. Rising up in the morning and lying down to sleep at night. Thinking the answer is yes and then thinking the answer is no.

Why this Awareness is Useful

When we imitate nature, we gain her powers. Noticing the basic states of richness and loss of any experience, we cling less, so we suffer less. (Buddha: "Suffering is caused by attachment.") We give up more easily when there is nothing more to be gained by toughing it out.

Two Basic States: Having and Losing

When you go somewhere, get something, meet someone, or learn something, this is a state of having and gaining. Everybody likes to have a lot of everything, but this quickly becomes burdensome and uncomfortable. When you wait, rest, let an opportunity pass by, or just let something go, this is a state of loss or losing. Like Day and Night, they always follow each other, and you can't have one without the other coming next. So the key is happily, "Wiggling into a state of Healthy (moderate) Loss."

Planting and Reaping Field to Field (Cyclic Balance)

The health practice of Wiggle Awareness is old: when the energy of one "field" or energy is depleted, return to neutral (Wiggle into the Loss of the old field) and when you have energy, Wiggle into the Next Ripe Field. Of couse, the idea of a field could mean any identifiable mental state or activity in which working it will benefit you or someone else. So it's basically work until you start to get tired, then rest. Then start something fresh. The key is Wiggling into Loss when the time is up on the current activity.


Wiggle Awareness Exercises
("Let's practice being aware of the enormous variety of ways things wiggle or vibrate.")

Being Aware of a Wiggle

Notice anything moving back and forth.

Being Aware of a Mental Wiggle

Notice a thought: "I think the situation is a particular way... no, wait, maybe it isn't."

Being Aware of an Emotional Wiggle

Notice the change from feeling good about something to feeling neutral. Notice the change from feeling bad about something to feeling neutral about it.

Being Aware of a Physical Wiggle

Notice your head gently moving from side to side.

Being Aware of a Metaphysical Wiggle

Notice when you return from an experience which seems beyond what textbooks describe as the physical world.

Being Aware of a Ground Wiggle

Notice when your awareness sinks below the ground, disappears, then comes back to your body.

Being Aware of a
You<—>Me Wiggle

Notice when your awareness is about another person, then returns to yourself.

Being Aware of an
Activity<—>Stillness Wiggle

Notice when you return from being active to a state of stillness and rest.

Wiggling Around the Clock (The TCM Body Clock)

Notice how, each day, you Reap and Sow from the basic states: Sleep/Unconsciousness, Getting Up and Going, Getting Involved in a Variety of Daily Activities, Winding Down, and Reducing Activity and Going Back to Sleep. In between each of these distinct states you "Wiggle into Healthy Loss" (the key Lesson from knowing everything is Merely a Wiggle) and rest a little.


Wiggle Awareness Applications Practice

Earning Money

One difficulty with earning money is accepting that you have to "please the system" you are in and conform to a great degree of precision. So, to earn more money, practice Wigging into Personal Creativity, then out of it, then Wiggling into Conformity, then out of it.

Saving Money

Once you notice Wiggling or Dancing into different mental states or fields, you do not need to go as far into it to feel you have "gotten somewhere." So you use less energy, and energy is money, accomplishing your tasks. Doing less becomes fun and skillful, not a tedious challenge.

Eating Healthier

Once you realize that everything is a wiggle, it becomes less automatic to reach for unhealthy food. The stigma of good eating lessens, and you grab for an apple instead of an apple pie.

Physical Health

Couch potatoes practicing Wiggle Awareness will stand up and sit down more often — a wiggle. This leads to more variety and quantity of physical activity. Deep thinkers will lose the bad habit of thinking that thought wiggles are more important than physical wiggles — moving the body.

Mental Health

Mental health and mental illness are just different Wiggle Patterns. Also, all states pass. You can't only have mental health all the time. And you can't just have poor mental patterns all the time. Letting storms pass without acting out comes from Wiggle Awareness.

Social Health

Wiggle Awareness teaches that everyone is special, each on a shared but somewhat different journey. Feeling the social baseline wiggle keeps the feeling of shared humanity alive.