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Many Ways to Think about Reality

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Easy Ways to Calm Down

Here are a variety of ways to calm down and get your focus back. Some are more exercise-based, some more mental, and some meditative. Try one or try them all, they have been proven to work.

Energy Goes Up and Down

Calming Down with Quiet Sitting

Calming Down with Standing Meditation

Calming Down with Walking Meditation

Calming Lying, Sitting, Standing, then Walking

Calm Down Accepting the Lower Body

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Releasing Old Hurts

Sometimes, people hurt us, knowingly or unknowingly, and we have to release the pain without hurting anyone else. These videos will help the release and healing process.

Being Your Inner Animal

Love Your Parents

Inner Strength Healing

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Reaching Toward Other People

If reaching out to others is difficult for you, or you just don't want to, these videos will help. You may feel isolated or afraid, but these feelings can be reduced and changed over time. A little information and practice will help you be more social.

Communicating More Easily

Male and Female Energy

Rational and Spiritual People

Being More Friendly

Example of Tai Chi Push Hands

Reading Other People

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Care for Your Physical Body

Bodies can be strong, but can also be delicate. These videos provide some good starting exercises and routines to keep all the parts working together. They will help you get into your own maintenance routine.

Hypersensitivity, Part 1


Knee Care, Part 1

Tai Chi Ball

Tai Chi Warmup

15 Minutes Total Body Tune-Up

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Exploring Your Ethereal Body

There are many ways to study the inner self: psychology, religion, New Age, meditation. These videos explore some of the fundamental components of the inner self without much technical jargon from any particular discipline.


Guided Meditation Up then Down

Spherical Layers of Awareness

The Human 6-Element Sphere

How Do You Talk To God?

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Letting Your Best Intentions Guide You

Everyone has good intentions, but also parts of ourselves which block ourselves from following those good intentions. These exercises balance out your energies so you have less bias one way or the other.

After watching these videos, you may find yourself behaving more in your own best interest.

Balance Your Five Energies in Five Minutes

The No Extremes Posture

Gathering Chi

Spiritual Knowing Sequence

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