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Many Ways to Think about Reality

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When You've Dug Too Deep...

Step 1: Stabilize for Five (Minutes)

When you feel you are losing it, naturally you might get worried, but don't panic. Sit down calmly and stabilize yourself for five minutes. Here's a Video Affirmation to help you:

Step 2: Accept Your Gift

Concerns and stresses are kinds of gifts. They let you experience other viewpoints more readily than people who don't have such conditions.

Step 3: Create Boundaries

Ok, so when we have stress, we need to block some of the intrustions of the unconscious mind. So, play this Affirmation Video, which says, "There is a wall between my consciousness and my unconsciousness."

Step 4: Articulate Your Needs

Ok, now that the unconscious disturbances have been blocked, we need to take care of our own needs as best we can. So play this Affirmation Video, which says, "I take care of my own needs."

Step 5: Communicate

Now that we are in control of ourselves, we need to be able to talk to others easily. So try this Affirmation Video, which says, "I talk to others easily."

Step 6: Feel Your Body

You may need to detach from your mental chatter of repeating thoughts. Use these Chinese exercises to drop down into the sensation of your physical body.